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Mount Taranaki

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Opunake Hydro is a local electricity supplier in the Taranaki area generating power from a 90-year-old hydro scheme located in Opunake township, and supplemented by our gas-fired peaker generators that we run whenever cheaper renewable sources are unavailable. We use these generators to maintain our ability to supply throughout the year even if it is dry.

Our electricity is competitively priced, low on carbon and comes with all the benefits of an online offering.

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We recognise that price is important, which is why we are fully transparent with our price plans. Plus, we provide an innovative price comparison tool so you can compare us with other suppliers in Taranaki.

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The value of simplicity

We utilise the best in new technology, particularly email, electronic payments and enrolment online. Because we restrict our business to only these processes, we can offer you both simplicity and lower prices.

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Reliability and responsibility

We use a responsible mix of low-emission thermal generation to supplement our hydro electricity. We invite you to view our approach to meeting both reliability of supply and environmental responsibility.

Penstock to generator

The Opunake Hydro scheme power house has been located at the southern end of Opunake Beach, one of New Zealand's premier surfing locations, since 1922.

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